Entry: Virus Writers are getting a bit more smarter than the PC users Jan 29, 2004

Well lot of saying and reading is going on about 'MyDoom' virus, I never got the information about how it goes on affecting the PC's and how it enters the PC after getting into email attachments (may be I did not read the things extensively).

Now this new virus infects Microsoft PC's and the main intention apart from infecting PC's is to attach SCO's website on Feb. 1st 2004. When a user clicks on email attachment , the user will face some kind of System error saying "Error" or "Server Report" and messages in the body such as "Mail transaction failed. Partial message is available.". The user clicks 'OK' and that's it, the virus is spreading throughout the organisation and than on the Net. It selects a user from your addressbook and than send it to other users so that it looks that the attachment is from some known person.

The antidote is available throughout the Internet so I won't be putting links. But now to justify the subject of this blurb, I said this becuase before some viruses used to fool users by luring them to click a window showing them porn websites, free software and movies, but now which novice user will think that the system error is infact a virus!!!


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