Entry: Undocuemented information on MyDoom Feb 4, 2004

Independent researcher "Juari Bosnikovich"i> comes out with his research on virus Mydoom. This is what he writes in his email

"When I disassembled the virus I found new information that haven't came up
anywhere else to this time.

Here is the information that is beleived...

1. use restricted usernames to send email to and from
2. encode strings with ROT13 method
3. create a mutex called 'SwebSipcSmtxSO' when ran
4. transform in taskmon.exe and
4.1 add [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
"TaskMon" = %sysdir%\taskmon.exe
4.2 add [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
"TaskMon" = %sysdir%\taskmon.exe
5. add %sysdir%\shimgapi.dll
open ports 3127/tcp - 3198/tcp
6. stops spreading febuary 12
7. spreads through KaZaA and Electronic Mail System
8. and more very technical fact i will not describe here

What I found...

Even if the virus (Mydoom) is programmed in assembler and compiled
using masm it is made to look like it has been programmed in C++ when
disassembling. It is a fact that many more information are hidden and
undiscovered to this date such as the fact that it will stop spreading on
febuary 12 which is not true. Mydoom will pass in a new phase upon febuary
12 and it will be very much more serious as it will be updated and will
mutate in Mydoom.C. The backdoor (shimgapi.dll) is open a port but this is
used to obscur the real intention of Mydoom.B as well as Outlook express.

It was also unknown that the virus infects the BIOS of the computer it
infects by injecting a 624bytes backdoor written in FORTH which will open
port tcp when Mydoom will be executed AFTER febuary 12.

It is a conclusion that the viral professionals that published diagnosis
of the Mydoom.A virus are trying to hide something or are very

Also there are no way to fix the virus that is injected in the BIOS after
it has been infected except from flashing it AFTER disinfecting the
workstation that was infected.

Juari Bosnikovich"


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